The two Heritage Series races provided some great racing and for Team Belfry, a much better day than we experienced two weeks ago at Silverstone. Qualifying for the first race was on Saturday and it was scheduled to be the first outing for Series organiser, Roger Bennington, girlfriend Sue and daughter Katie in an Alfa.   Unfortunately, it had blown a head gasket when testing a couple of days before, so they had no car! Cieran was unable to race this weekend so Ant was scheduled to do a “Scraggy” and do both sessions in both the two driver races.   To give the girls a race, Team Belfry agreed to loan them the MGB and Ant would race the DBS V8 Aston Martin I raced last year – as yet un-raced in 2006.   In the end, that plan was slightly modified when Roger ended up agreeing to partner his daughter Kate in the MGB. The Heritage Series is a real family affair with, on this occasion, at least 8 family teams. Qualifying took the predictable form at the front with Bryant & Bryant just ahead of the Thurtle’s closely followed by Chris Williams in his Morgan.   I was pleased to get 4th fastest in 1.19.083    Ant, in the DBS managed 11th in 1.24.468.Our first race, was being televised for showing 14th and 15th August on Sky Sports, so I had an in-car camera. Under the two driver rules, I started in 3rd place on the grid but got out dragged by Arthur Thurtle in his mighty Camaro and the V8 MG of McCarthy & McCarthy – I got back past the MG then on the next lap hit oil deposited by a sick TR7.   This put me straight onto the grass and nearly into the adjacent field but I recovered the track now about 250 yards down on the MG.   In very hot conditions, some more cars expired and after 35 very sweaty minutes, we finished with the V8 in second place, my best result yet and Ant a great class B winner and 11th overall. The results of the first race were reflected in the grid positions for the second race so I found myself on the front row alongside Bryant’s Morgan. A clean start saw the Morgan into the lead with me in a strong second place.   After a few laps the safety car came out and the field closed up.   When the safety car withdrew, several cars had taken an early pit stop / driver change.   I pressed on temporarily in the lead.    After I had my pit stop and the compulsory and penal 30 second wait for having only one driver, I emerged in 5th place.   By lap 18 I was up to 3rd where I stayed until the finish.   This meant a 2nd and 3rd, both televised in one day, definitely the best yet and each race provided slightly better best lap times, the best being 1.18.736.Ant in the DBS achieved a double by coming a very creditable 6th overall and, again, 1st in Class B with a best lap of 1.23.858.We look forward to revisiting Snetterton for more Heritage Series races in a month’s time.