Snetterton – Heritage Race Weekend

Saturday dawned very wet and autumnal but by qualifying at lunch time the track was damp so we went out on dry tyres, but for the first 5 or 6 laps it was very slippery.   The second half of qualifying – only 20 minutes in total – was on a dryer track and times dropped by about 10 seconds per lap. Both races were 2 driver events so having suffered from the penal 30 seconds delay for single drivers I enlisted John Bussell to join me in the car.   John is a very experienced racer and also helped set the car up to suit my style of driving (whatever that may be). I did the first part of the qualifying session and John the second and at the end we found, courtesy of John, a best lap of ………..which put us second and so on the front row of the grid alongside Arthur Thurtle’s mighty powerful Camaro. As race time approached it became obvious we would be racing on wet weather tyres.   I took the first stint and after the opening skirmishes settled into a steady routine, handing over under a safety car to John in 4th place.   Cars continued to slip and slide and spin off the track and as the half hour approached John was leading but being ferociously chased by Boysie Thurtle in the Camaro and Charlie Kemp in a very quick and very grippy DB4. Boysie span and Charlie crept past John but the race was red flagged (stopped) as another car left the track out of control and so the positions at the finish line prior to the red flag determined the result – we had just secured our first win!   And it was televised! The second race of the weekend was at tea time on the Sunday and the forecast was accurate with some sunshine appearing.   As a result of our win on Saturday we began on pole.   Much advice was given to me by the other (helpful) drivers!!As it transpired the rolling start was fine but on the back straight my V8 just didn’t have enough grunt to keep the MG, Camaro and DB4 at bay.   Soon I was having a mighty tussle to keep the Morgan V8 behind me.   The leading positions stayed pretty stable until the driver changes and then the race got really exciting.   Arthur Thurtle had a huge engine problem, smoke, fire and a massive spin, thus leaving us in second place chasing the MGB of McCarthy & McCarthy – John was closing in but with one lap to go it looked like the MG would sneak home first, which it did just by way of a very forcible door being closed as John tried for the inside into the hairpin for the last time. Never mind, second was pretty good after our first win on Saturday.