I went to Silverstone with great anticipation, the first time I had gone there to race for the main Aston Martin event of the year. I entered the Aston Martin V8 for 3 races, the UBS Championship, Intermarque and Endurance races.   Qualifying achieved 10th on the grid for the UBS race, which was a reasonable performance for first time on the track.   I improved my time by just over 1 second qualifying for the Intermarque race, so was reasonably pleased with that.   However just 3 laps into qualifying for the Endurance race the differential in the rear axle expired just before coming on to the start and finish straight.   That was the day done for the V8. Much disappointment for me and our corporate guests who had come to see the Marston Machine in action. However there was a good days racing and it was certainly interesting to watch a race rather than participate, but the viewing did not make up for the lack of participation. I did eventually get half a race in the Endurance race in the teamís B car, the MGB, with Ant who had qualified well.   The teamís performance was not overly encouraged by the second driver (me) having had a huge spin coming out of Copse, but we did end up with 14th and did finished a very hot day with a little bit of action. The rear axle is now being rebuilt for Snetterton on 15th and 16th of July which is the, 'The Marston Hotels Heritage GT Car Challenge' and is being Televised for 'World Motor Sports' on Sky Sports.