Heritage Races at Donnington Park

Saturday dawned grey and overcast, qualifying took place with a damp but drying track.  Most competitors set out on wet tyres.   Early lap times indicated this was the right choice but as the track dried those on intermediate or dry tyres went quicker. In the end I was 9th fastest but due to the 2 driver race rules ended up 3rd on the grid.   Race 1 was on Saturday afternoon and it looked like dry tyres would be the choice the weather held off and we enjoyed a fast and dry race.   Some naturally fast cars started low down the grid but soon were moving to the front some tried a bit too hard and ended up going off.   At the end of the 20 minutes I finished 5th, for the 4th time this season. Race 2 was on Sunday and it poured at some stages of the 45 minute 2 driver race it was almost impossible to see anything. From 3rd on the grid I enjoyed a reasonable start cars were sliding off in atrocious conditions but at the compulsory pit stop I was well placed just behind Car No. 74.   However as I went to leave the pits I and a couple of others were not allowed back on track until the safety car came round.   We were kept at the pit exit for an eternity!   Eventually joining in 6th place behind the safety car I passed all those in front of me over the next 3 laps and stayed ahead of those cars until another car went off and the race was red flagged.   The man on the public address thought I had won as did the spectators, but it was not to be as I had lost over a lap whilst held in the pit lane.   Indeed the unwanted delay amounted to some 3 minutes (more than 1 lap at safety car speeds). Car 74 won but encouragingly my lap times on balance were quicker so racing in the wet is no longer something to fear!!   The boys in the B Car had 2 good races finishing 11th and 10th.