Donnington Park

Saturday 7th October 2006 – AMOC Meeting Two races entered, the AMOC UBS Championship and the Intermarque. Qualifying for the UBS race was so, so, with wheelspin in 2nd gear on tight corners, so 7th fastest was not too bad. We adjusted the settings for the 2nd qualifying but that made things worse, wheelspin on tight corners in 2nd and 3rd gears!   Into the pits for a quick adjustment back to where we had been but with only time left for a couple of laps it was all getting a bit tight.   The last lap was slightly quicker than the 1st qualifying time but in a fast field that only equalled 9th fastest. The Races UBS Championship A reasonable start holding position around the busy first lap then settling into chasing Martin Brewer (again) in his DB5.   After a few laps I managed to squeeze past him by which time the tail of Riki Cann’s quick V8 was quite a way in front, with the first four in front of him.   The next few laps involved lots of effort to keep Martin Brewer astern of me which was working OK until the differential in the rear axle – suddenly failed at the bottom of the Craner Curves on lap 9.   A gentle cruise onto the grass under the bridge where I stopped to watch the remainder of the race. With little time between races that meant the end of the day.   The differential has now failed twice this season, the only significant problem we have experienced, so some research needed on that particular item before next year! It should be repaired in time for the last meeting of the season – Brands Hatch Heritage Series on October 21st and 22nd.