AMOC Meeting at Snetterton

A day of differing parts. When I arrived at the circuit my engineers Paul and Kevin assisted by Mike and Tony and Paul Britten from Spa/Penske were desperately trying to fit new dampers and springs, which Paul had arrived with that very morning. Ideally this should be followed by extensive testing to find the best set up.   Time didnít allow this Ė testing was to be the two qualifying sessions for the two races I had entered!! First qualifying only allowed time to try one adjustment part way through the session and although it improved the setting, I only managed 1.22.130 for 9th place on the grid in the Intermarque race.   Further adjustments took place before the second qualifying session and that improved things a bit more.   I managed a 1.20.336 but was only 10th on the grid for the Endurance race. It went to the grid for the Intermarque race, I wasnít sure what to expect from the set up but what I didnít expect was to get on the grid and then not be able to select any gear!   I was unceremoniously pushed off the grid as all the other cars went round for their warm up lap.   Very frustrating!! Paul and Kevin soon found the problem and told me not to use reverse again.   With this advice ringing in my ears I set off for the assembly area for the endurance race. As usual I had opted to drive both stints and thus accepted the extra long pit stop that adds about 15 seconds to my race time. From 10th on the grid I got my best start this season and picked up a couple of places.   The car felt pretty good so I set off after those in front, managing to pass some before my pit stop.   That went OK but 30 seconds is a long pit stop.   A few laps later my crew held out a sign saying I was in 2nd place Ė that was a shock and I then was terrified of throwing the car off the track! Despite their urging me on, Les Goble driving the second stint in George Millerís V8 was closing fast.
He drew alongside on the pit straight, I was on the inside and thought I had the corner but Les audaciously drove around the outside of me and then had the line (another lesson learnt).   I tucked in behind him to observe his lines and to try and have a go at him, but the chequered flag was out and it was all over Ė but 3rd was more than I expected, my first podium, and just 0.963 of a second from 2nd place. A distinct improvement on the first race!