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April 2016

After more than a decade of racing, now with new people in my life, both young and old, lots of people to see and places to go, I have decided to retire from racing. 

It has been a blast, and has been pretty successful.  I have had some fantastic cars,  most of them prepared by Mike Wilkinson of M & C Wilkinson, but now it is time to move on to the next phase of life. 

December 2015

As the New Year approaches I am considering what to do in 2016. 

An invitation to the 74 Goodwood Members Meeting in March will be an appropriate event for my 300th race.  

After that it's yet to be decided but probably next year will be the Jaguar Heritage Series in the newly restored MK1 Jaguar IVA 400 (owned by Tommy Sopwith, driven by Ivor Beub.  It was raced 10 times in 1959, winning 9, second once!)  Now it is restored and ready for the track once again.  Alternatively it is the faithful E Type XAN 555.

Autumn 2015

The least satisfying and enjoyable year since I began motor racing.  Officialdom annoyed me so after just 4 races early in the season I decided to take a sabbatical and spent the rest of the summer enjoying boating in the med and 2 visits down under. There is life beyond a race track!  

Two ACR events were completed.  At Oulton a win in the E Type XAN and a likely win in the V8 became 3rd after I was "taken poorly"!   At Donington Boisie and I overcame dodgy weather in qualifying and some other annoyances to finish 0.1 behind the winner and I managed a 2nd in the E Type. 

So the least number of races I have ever done in a season by a long way! 

After 11 seasons, the figures read: 

Races Entered: 299

Races Finished: 246

Top 5 Finishes: 165 (67%)

Top 3 Finishes: 123 (50%)

Wins: 55 (22.6%)

January 2015

A new year and a modified plan for this year's racing. 

Events this year have to fit in around boating trips in and around the Balearic's, so I intend to concentrate on the Aston Club Racing meetings with the trusty V8 in Intermarque and XAN in the Innes Ireland Trophy.  Additionally I will campaign XAN (E Type), the Broadspeed and the new refurbished MK 1 Jaguar in selected other events. 


10 Year Summary including the 2014 season. Click here to view or download.

December 2014

The MK 1 Jaguar is nearing completion of its restoration.  This is a very significant car.  The No.1 1959 MK 1 Jaguar (IUA 400) owned by Tommy Sopwith and raced by Ivor Bueb.  10 races in 1959 with 9 wins.  The ultimate MK 1 Jaguar.  As with all cars that Mike Wilkinson and his team 'do', it looks beautiful and I'm sure it will go very well too. 

August 2014

Despite what appears from the results to be a successful year: 15 races entered, 2 DNF, 11 podiums and 5 wins, it has been a largely frustrating season with politics, people causing my cars to be bent, and a lot of nonsense in the rain at Silverstone. 

So that is probably going to be that for this year and I will see how enthusiastic I am about next year nearer the time. 


9 Year Summary including 2012 and 2013 seasons, click to view or download

May 2014

Belatedly, an update on the results up to the end of the 2013 season.  Donington Historic Festival (see race report) brought the Broadspeed back to the forefront of my racing after a couple of difficult years. Indeed, its win on the Sunday was only the second outright win in history for a real Broadspeed Jaguar XJ12C and also it was my 50th victory!  Happy days. 

March 2014

After last years winning campaign in The Guards Trophy Championship, a change for this year.  Most of the races and series selected this year (see race series calendar) are 2 driver races, so I will be joined on most occasions by Matt Nicoll-Jones who is not only quick, but also (so far) sympathetic to these old and rare cars. 

It will be good to back in the No.1 Chassis Broadspeed Coupe again (it didn't race in 2013). 

Whilst the early races are taking place, Mike Wilkinson and his team will, in addition to their usual race support, also be restoring 2 other very rare cars in the Chris Scragg Collection back to their original condition. I hope to have them both out before the end of the season. 

30th September 2013

With as yet no engine for the Broadspeed (that's a whole year) and XAN's engine needing attention for its leaks, it means I will not be going to Portimao this year.  So that is racing done for 2013.  Its not been a bad year, having set out to concentrate on XAN and the Guards Trophy.  

Guards Trophy GT and overal chamption

Autosport 3 hour race - 1st GT car (4th overall)

Spa Six Hour - GT lap record

By the later part of the year the Aston V8 was running better again with good results (first Aston) at Brands Hatch at Snetterton. 

September 2013 

With my class win at Oulton Park over the bank holiday weekend, in the Guards Trophy I gained enough points to secure the Guards Trophy Championship.  A fantastic effort by all the chaps and M&C Wilkinson ensured that my E Type never missed a beat in each round.  In fact we have enough points no to need to go to the final round in October, perhaps we will go to Portimao instead!

June 2013

Now well into the season, XAN has been going really well and my lap times at every circuit have bettered previous personal bests, so I hope that continues.  Better still, after the Autosport 3 Hour, we are leading the Guards Championship.  A long way to go yet though.  

To date, the Aston V8 has not been raced as the ongoing problem could not be identified, however, at last, it now has, so subject to track test it should be out at Brands in July.  I am also patiently (!) still waiting for the engine for the Broadspeed to be finished.  Again, hopefully it will be ready soon. 

November 2012

The season turned out to be the worst since I started racing for breakdowns, bad luck and cars bent by others!  All of which means bills go up and pleasure goes down! 

We will see what happens in 2013.

30th May 2012

Now 2 months into the season and so far the feeling is one of frustration.  We have entered 15 races and only finished 7!  Of the other 8, in 3 we didn't make the start and the remaining 5 we should have had podiums at least!  We have also added a TWR XJS to the collection.  Lets hope our reliability or luck changes soon.

March 2012

Regretfully neither the E Type or Broadspeed are ready yet so I will not be able to race this weekend 17th/18th March in the Guards Trophy at Donington or at The Masters Event at Oulton Park.


As the first race meetings draw nearer we are planning to concentrate on XAN, the Broadspeed Jaguar and the V8 Aston.  I hope to do more 2 driver races with Ant.

7 Year Summary including 2011 season, click to view or download.

2011 Summary

An excellent year with the emphasis moving from Aston Martins (championships in V8 and GT4) in 2010 to Jaguars.  Mike Wilkinson and his team got both XAN and UXY, my two E Types, going well.  We enjoyed many good races with 10 victories in the season including a first MK2 Jaguar win for over 20 years in the inaugural HRDC Touring Pre 63 event at Snetterton, 2 50th Anniversary JEC E Type race victories, 3 CSCC race wins, a drive at Goodwood Revival, a Gents Drivers win in UXY, racing the Zagato at Silverstone, Le Mans and Spa, in total 50 plus races entered, we got to the start line in 47 in 8 different cars, with the highlight being a podium in XAN in the 6 Hour Race at Spa. 

Spa - 22nd to 24th September 2011

The biggest historic race event of the year.  The 6 Hour Race.  106 cars in this years top historic race in Europe.  In 3 previous attempts we have had 2 DNF's and a 47th, so with XAN 555 lovingly prepared by the team at M&C Wilkinson and a new driver line up of myself, Dave Coyne and Mark Wright, we had expectations of a better result.  I didn't think in our wildest dreams that we could achieve a class win and a 3rd overall.  Any podium is good, a podium at Spa is always special, but wow - THE BEST YET!!

Goodwood Revival - 17th September 2011

It was a great thrill to drive Mike Wilkinson's iconic ex Jackie Stewart E Type Jag in the 50th Anniversary E Type only Fordwater Trophy Race, sharing with Michael Wilkinson.  We brought the car 'home' in 16th place and more importantly - undamaged.  That brought the E Type Anniversary Race year to a close and I think I am the only driver to have taken part in all 3 parts - JEC, HSCC and Goodwood!

September 2011

The 50th Anniversary of the E Type has produced some excellent and exciting racing CCSC / JEC ran two rounds at Donington and Brands and we won both in ZAN 555.  HSCC have run rounds at Brands, Nurburgring, Silverstone, and Oulton Park.  John B did two scoring 4th and DNF.  I did 6 scoring 5th, 8th, 6th, 4th, 12thand  7th (av 6th)

The last E Type race will be at Goodwood Revival where I will be driving Mike Wilkinsons ex Jackie Stewart E type with Mike Wilkinson, I cant wait.

31st May 2011

Its been a good start to the season.  16 races, most in the new E Type and some good results.  7 wins and 10 podiums.  XAN 555 had 2 DNF's to start the season but since has recorded 6 wins and a second including winning both the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club 50th Anniversary races.

February 2011

Not long now until the 2011 season begins.  The Jags are all ready and hopefully the V8 Aston will be all sorted after the crunch in time to test in March prior to the first AMOC event in April. 

AMOC have changed their race set up so it will no longer be possible to compete in the Classic Championship and Intermarque - that is a big shame.

6 Year Summary including 2010 season, click to view or download

AMOC - Donnington

No chance to compete in either the Aston Martin GT4 Challenge or AMOC Championship races.  However I went along to see my friends and competitors and to watch Ant race in the final (6th) GT4 race.  As I was unable to drive and looking forward to 2011 it evolved that he would race with James Appleby in the Appleby car, thus driving together instead of competing.  David Appleby therefore stood down and managed the team.  New arrivals to the series included Leo Mansell amongst other 'stars' from Le Mans, F3 etc who all fancied their chances against the normal GT4 competitors!

Qualifying: a damp practice was red flagged when Chris Parvit crashed heavily, but James had already clocked the best time so far.  Second drivers were sent out to do the minimum 3 laps when the debris was cleared and Ant went quicker still to ensure the boys had pole.

Result: Ant drove the first stint.  He led from the start taking 2 - 3 seconds per lap over the second placed car.  After some 30 minutes the safety car came out and the field closed up.  As racing resumed Ant repeated his progress pitting after 65 minutes with a 35 second lead.  James took over and set a fastest lap, before settling into a steady pace, bringing the car home some 1 minute ahead of second placed Metoxa/Sental. 

So for James his first win, for Ant 6 out of 6. 

All pole positions Ant 4/James 2

All fastest laps Ant 2/James 4

Thus the Scragg's won the series with the Appleby's in close attendance. 

We look forward to the GT4 progressing at Gaydon on Nov 11th and the AMOC dinner on Nov 13th.  We hope to make an announcement about James and Ant's plans for 2011 quite soon.

In the meantime I await to see progress on my V8's repair so that I can, subject to my ribs, get testing in the V8 and the Jags for 2011.


I travelled to Spa to watch a wet but exciting series of races.  Not being able to race was somewhat frustrating especially as I felt some podiums would have been achievable, but at least I could enjoy a glass or two of wine without worrying!

August 2010

With an unfortuate accident at Castle Coombe on 30th August - footage of the crash can be seen here  ,here and here - my season seems to have come to an early finish.  By the time my ribs are mended the season will be over, so big disappointment to miss the Masters Festival to celebrate the reopening of Donington, The Spa 6 Hour meeting, the Masters Festivals in Portugal and Spain and the final round of the British GT4 Aston Marton Series and AMOC Championship at Donington.

Fortunately with 5 wins out of 5 starts in both the GT4 series (with Ant) and the Aston Martin Championship, both series have been won already. 

July 2010

With our 4th win in a row out of 4 races in the Aston Martin GT4 Challenge, Ant and I are the winners of the series as there are only 2 more rounds left (at Oulton Park and Donington Park) so we cannot be beaten.

Throughout Ant has been a star - getting so far 3 pole positions, 2 fastest laps and showing excellent consistency and calmness when some others are losing their cool.

2010 Season

As we eagerly approach the start of the season I can only hope it is as good as 2009.  Pre-season testing did not go according to plan when I managed to leave the track and bend the E Type.  All is not lost as it will soon be mended - I hope.

The focus this year will be on:

a) AMOC - both the Classic Championship and Intermarque series, plus the new Aston Martin GT4 Challenge being run by Aston Martin Racing in conjunction with AMOC.  I will be racing with my son Ant which will be great. 

b) The Masters Series - hopefully I will also be able to fit in some other races such as Heritage and of course the Spa 6 Hour meeting.

2009 Round Up

Sunday 25th saw the last race of the year (at Mallory) and more importantly, the first race for the Broadspeed, which won!  Overall not a bad year with 27 podiums (73% of starts) including 14 wins.  This was my 5th year of racing.  The first year with the DBS V8 'starter car' I was not very competitive as can be seen from the table, but with more cars doing more races the podiums have come.

October 2009

Last Sunday (18th October) concluded the AMOC racing for 2009.  In the Classic Championship I entered the first 5 races in the in the V8 and won all of them scoring a maximum possible 500 points - - winning class C3, the Classic Championship, and a share of the overall AMOC Championship with David Reed. 

Sunday's 6th race in the N24 achieved 3rd place and some points in a different class (E2). 

In the Intermarque Championship I entered all 8 races, winning a maximum scorable 5, getting 150 points.  This won Class D2, and helped the V8 Aston Team to second place in the Team Challenge, but because of the peculiarities of the scoring system, the top 3 drivers in Class A scored more points! 

August 2009

At last, the Broadspeed Jaguar XJ12  Coupe is nearly ready to race. It looks absolutely fantastic.  Mike Wilkinson and his team have done a wonderful job restoring this famous car.  At its first test a few engine problems were identified, hopefully they can quickly be resolved and we can get a race in this season.

April 2009

The problems at Donington have caused two of our outings to be cancelled - the Heritage meeting on 25th/25th April and the AMOC meeting on 4th May.  However the Masters Festival on 9th/10th May has been confirmed.

February 2009

Frustrating February.  Snowy, horrible weather that definitely hides any signs of 'green shoots' in the economy or my garden!

Worse than that a seeming lack of progress in getting the XJ12C ready.   I find it difficult to understand how it can take nearly a year to re do the car or build an engine!! 

On the brighter side of life a blonde and beautiful lady driver wants to rent the N24 and as most of its likely dates clash with AMOC or Masters that may work out OK, especially if she needs a co-driver occasionally!

The Zagato may get an outing or 2 afterall, hopefully in the Le Mans Legends Race and at the Concours D'elegance at the Salon Prive event in July at Hurlingham.   Provisional Race Calender to be uploaded shortly!

January 2009

Whilst we await confirmation of race meeting dates in order to finalise our calendar, work is underway on the cars to ready them for racing which begins in March.

The 1973 Aston Martin V8 is having a birthday.  The aim is to renew many parts so that (hopefully) its speed will be matched by its reliability.  It will be campaigned in AMOC Classic and Intermarque Championships, some AMOC Super GT races and in the Heritage race series. 

The 2008 N24 will be out with its new 4.7 litre engine.  The choice of races for this car is quite wide, AMOC Championships and Super GT Cup, British GT, some Ferrari Owners Club races and some endurance races. 

The E Type will be in Masters/Top Hat Series (Gentleman Drivers & Cloth Cap) and of course a third attempt at a decent result in the Spa 6 hour race. 

The Mark II Jaguar may get some outings in pre 66 Top Hat Races, but as the rules make it impossible to be at the front of the grid I may try a run or two such as Tour Britannia. 

No events are yet planned for the Zagato, I am too scared of bending it!!  But a track day or two is likely.

Finally the new big cat, the XJ12 Coupe.  This race car will soon be ready for testing, the first time its been on a track for 33 years!  It will compete in Group II Touring Events with the Masters Series. 

December 2008 - End of Season Report

A busy season, 44 races entered in 4 cars, but whilst we had a reasonable number of podiums and a handful of wins, it was a disappointing season because we lost a significant number of excellent results (probably wins) due to unrelated mechanical failures that affected 3 out of 4 cars!   The winter break will be spent checking and renewing as appropriate in an endeavour to remove the unreliability - Roger and his team, especially Kevin will be busy! 

Also over the winter the renovation of the Jaguar XJ12 Coupe will be completed.  This famous and almost unique car will, I hope, have greater reliability than it did in period.  If it also has its period pace it will provide serious opposition for the BMW's and Capris in Group 2 Touring Cars run by Masters. 

The season ended with a couple of the Masters Series I won the Cloth Cap Driver of the Year award, and from AMOC a Trophy for the fastest lap at Brands.  Apparently I won this in 2007 as well but never got given the trophy!   Having now got it for a year I see it has some prestigious previous winners - G Marshall and Thurtle being named on it more than a few times!

Roll on the 2009 season! 

March 2008

New to the collection is a 1970's XJ12 Coupe, Group 2 Touring Car, Chassis No. 1 raced by Derek Bell and Andy Rouse amongst others.  This has now gone to Mike Wilkinson for preparation for the Masters 70's Touring Car Races and some Heritage racing and hopefully will be out before the end of the season.

February 2008

MK2 Jaguar had its inaugural run at Mallory and apart from problems with rear brakes that caused a big spin and quick heart stopping moment as the armco came close, it ran very well.



After six months of retirement I couldn’t keep away from hotels, so bought The Spa Hotel in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

However I still managed to enter a few races…..

It was a great years racing in the Aston Martin V8.  In the AMOC UBS Championship we ended up in the V8 with:

  • 1 pole position
  • 1 x 1st
  • 3 x 2nd
  • 3 x 4th
  • 7 x class wins
  • 2 x 1st on handicap
  • 2 x fastest laps
  • 1 x class lap record

In the AMOC Intermarque Championship it was:

  • 4 x pole position
  • 1 x 1st
  • 2 x 2nd
  • 2 x 3rd
  • 2 x DNF
  • 5 x class wins
  • 2 x fastest laps

In the AMOC Endurance Races it was:

  • 1 x pole position
  • 2 x 2nd
  • 1 x 4th
  • 1 x non start
  • 1 x DNF

We ended up 2nd in the Classic Section of the UBS Championship and winners of 3 AMOC awards.

At Spa we won the BSSC 1 hour race and in Heritage races we had 2 x 4th, 1 x 8th and 1 x DNF in the V8.

The E Type started 9 races and finished 8 and had a reasonable first season.

The DB4 only came out once but what could be better than a visit to Le Mans. 

So a big thank you to all who helped with the cars, especially Ted and Paul who keep smiling nearly all the time!

The Spa Hotel

News Archive

  • 2006 Car Arrives
    This week saw the first track test in the 2006 race car, a 1973 V8 with a successful history. The test took place at Snetterton on a damp morning and a very wet afternoon.
  • A spot of training
    In an effort to get a bit fitter for this years racing I went with my wife and some friends to Snowdonia National Park to do some hill walking.
  • Test Day
    A dry but windy day at Snetterton, lots of cars on the track.
  • Oulton Park
    The first meeting of the year, the first real outing in the new car.
  • AMOC Meeting at Brands Hatch
    I entered the Intermarque and the endurance races and the boys entered the endurance race.
  • Heritage Races at Donnington Park
    Saturday dawned grey and overcast, qualifying took place with a damp but drying track.
  • AMOC Meeting at Snetterton
    A day of differing parts.
  • Silverstone
    I went to Silverstone with great anticipation, the first time I had gone there to race for the main Aston Martin event of the year.
  • Snetterton
    The two Heritage Series races provided some great racing and for Team Belfry, a much better day than we experienced two weeks ago at Silverstone.
  • What a weekend!
    Chris and Team Belfry had their first, “1st Place” win on Saturday
  • Snetterton – Heritage Race Weekend
    Saturday dawned very wet and autumnal
  • Second Race at Brands Hatch
    Another sunny day, good crowds and the last race before lunch
  • New HGTCC Winners at Snetterton
    A packed 30-car HGTCC grid was the biggest field of the weekend and thousands of fans enjoyed the action as Sunday's race followed on from the BTCC action.
  • Brands Hatch
    Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September – Heritage Meeting A Mixed Weekend
  • Donnington Park
    Saturday 7th October 2006 – AMOC Meeting Two races entered, the AMOC UBS Championship and the Intermarque.
  • Brands Hatch
    Heritage Meeting 21st to 22nd October 2006 The last meeting of the year.
  • Saturday 30th September and Sunday 1st October Saturday – 6 hour race
    This is an amazing event with some 600 cars taking part in 11 races over the weekend, with over 1000 drivers.
  • Spa
    Saturday 30th September and Sunday 1st October Saturday – 6 hour race